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Time Management

If there is one thing that you can do to make a difference in your life it is to manage your time in a way that enables you to have more happiness. Having a good scheduling tool/system reduces stress, feelings of anxiety, and opportunities for conflict.

Our expertise makes this process easy and achievable in record time. We will teach you the methods to get on the right track for YOUR life and your goals.

Are you having trouble balancing your family’s schedules?

Curtis E Organizing keep track of all the priorities in your family’s lives. We help you identify your resources and build a system that achieves balance.

Call Tina today at 847-421-8651 or click the contact button for your free consultation.

Is your home office meeting your needs?

Whether your space is used simply to keep your records organized or contain all the activity that keeps your business successful, we have the know-how to teach you the best methods of using your space to its best advantage.

Consultations are always free. Let us make the difference for you. Schedule one today by calling or clicking.

Your Home Office

Today’s home offices do everything from managing household bills to running a home-based business.

If you are running a home-based business and need to get a handle on all your details, you are in the right place! This is one of Curtis E Organizing’s standout services and we can’t wait to make a difference in your bottom line!

Financial Organization

Every person needs a financial system that enables them to do three things:

  1. Keep accurate records at the ready.
  2. Create a spending and saving plan that works for your family.
  3. Prepare and collect all that is necessary for tax season.

If you need help with and of these items, Curtis E Organizing is here to help.

Are you prepared to go to your account/tax specialist?
Curtis E Organizing helps you with systems and solutions designed to keep ahead of your needs and be ready for your tax professional. We share with you: tools, apps, files, and systems that enable you to be prepared for your tax situation.

Get prepared early! Call 847-421-8651 or click the contact button to schedule your free consultation

How can you make my morning routine easier?
Curtis E Organizing builds systems around your daily activities, your wardrobe, and your space. We want the act of getting ready to go out into the world to be stress free and enjoyable.

Our goal is to not only send you out the door looking your best but feeling your best and ready for everything the world is going to bring you.

During our free consultation, we come to you, check out your needs and make a plan. Click below to set up an appointment!

Your Closet

Everyone has a closet. Not everyone’s closet is the closet they want it to be.

Take the stress out of your morning routine and the find the joy in dressing to make the best of your day, quicker, happier, and out the door.

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