10 Organizing Tasks You can do in 10 Minutes

1.Open any email that you didn’t sign up for or signed up for, but don’t need/want/like anymore: scroll to the bottom of the email and click “unsubscribe”.

2.Empty the cabinet under your sink. Wash it and then only put things back that you use.

3.Remove any glasses, dishes, silverware, serving dishes or cooking utensils from the kitchen that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Box it up and write “kitchen stuff: donate after 30 days” and then put it out of sight. If you miss something, go get it. If not, donate it.

4.Dump the contents of your junk drawer or desk drawers that you don’t open frequently into a paper bag. Close the bag. If you don’t need anything in the bag in 30 days … get rid of the bag and everything in it. If you do need something in the bag, remove it and put it where it belongs.

5.Schedule all annual medical appointments like physicals, mammograms, dental visits or other routine medical things.

6.Remove all expired, stale, unwanted items from your pantry and refrigerator.

7.Bring a box into your bathroom and fill it with anything that has expired or that you don’t use or that will be expired by the time you use it.

8.Write down how much money you are spending to store your stuff. Decide what you would rather do with that money every month.

9.Bring two small bags to your car. Fill one with trash and the other with anything that doesn’t belong in the car.

10.THEN…Put the things you collected from your car where they belong.