100 Things to get rid of this weekend

1. Expired food and condiments in the fridge 2. Frozen food so old you don’t even remember what it is 3. Expired spices 4. Leftover seasonal or themed party plates or napkins you’ll never use again 5. Plastic containers with missing lids 6. Chipped coffee cups 7. Duplicate utensils or tools 8. Rusted or broken tools or appliances 9. Cracked ice cube trays 10. Cookbooks you never open 11. Extra water bottles 12. Takeout chopsticks 13. Takeout condiment packets 14. Takeout menus 15. Old sponges 16. Ratty dish towels 17. Extra flower delivery vases

18. Expired makeup 19. Expired sunscreen 20. Stretched-out rubber bands 21. Old toothbrushes 22. Ratty washcloths 23. Extra towels (Two to three per person is enough) 24. Loofahs that have seen better days 25. Dried-up nail polish 26. Extra bath products 27. Extra cleaning supplies 28. Half-empty perfume samples 29. Extra travel-sized toiletries 30. Potpourri that’s lost its scent 31. Fancy bar soap you’ll never use 32. The disposable razors you purchased but realized you hated using 33. Extra promotional makeup bags 34. Expired medicine

35. Books you’ve already read 36. The stack of magazines you’ll never have time to read 37. Old pillows (They should be replaced every year.) 38. Excessive decorative throw pillows 39. The side chair you throw all your clothes on 40. Broken window blinds 41. Yellowed lampshades 42. Papers you don’t need anymore 43. Old cell phones or tablets 44. Costume jewelry you don’t ever wear 45. That cup/bowl/bucket of loose change (Cash it in!) 46. Candle stubs

Bedroom closet
47. Clothes you don’t wear anymore 48. Clothes that don’t fit 49. Uncomfortable shoes 50. Old formal dresses you’ll never wear again 51. Wire hangers 52. Socks missing their match 53. Gloves missing their match 54. Ratty or stained scarves 55. Broken purses 56. Extra canvas bags (Have enough for groceries and get rid of the rest.) 57. Hats you never wear

Kid’s room
58. Dried-out markers and art supplies 59. Broken crayons 60. Broken toys 61. Clothes they’ve grown out of 62. Toys they don’t play with anymore 63. Furniture they’re too big for now 64. Extra artwork

Living room
65. Extra candles 66. The rug you keep tripping on 67. Magazines you’ve left out on the coffee table 68. Remotes that belong to old TVs 69. Dead plants 70. Knickknack decorations that don’t add anything 71. Broken, scratched or stained furniture

Home office
72. Old papers and bills you don’t need anymore 73. Outdated or broken technology 74. USB cords to things you don’t use anymore 75. Excessive paper clips or rubber bands 76. Old DVDs or CDs you don’t play anymore

Hall closet
77. Moth-ruined coats or scarves 78. Broken umbrellas 79. Almost-empty rolls of wrapping paper 80. Broken items 81. Extra blankets you never use 82. Just-in-case gifts you keep on hand but never use 83. That old vacuum that doesn’t suck 84. Old holiday decorations you don’t use anymore 85. Plastic bins that just take up space 86. The air bed that sinks when anyone gets on it 87. The ratty old suitcases you never use anymore 88. Dusting cloths that have seen better days

89. Broken, rusted or duplicate tools 90. Sports equipment that no longer gets used 91. Deflated sports balls 92. That old refrigerator that doesn’t work anymore 93. Things you’re saving for a future garage sale that’s never going to happen 94. Old potting soil you no longer need 95. Extra paint for a color that’s no longer in your house 96. Unfinished DIY projects that will never get completed 97. Extra home improvement supplies that you’ll never need 98. The picnic basket you haven’t used in years 99. Boxes for appliances or gadgets you’re saving just in case 100. The folding card table that’s scratched or broken