Organizing tips to make travel easier & more fun!

Summer has arrived & finally vacation time…HASSLE, STRESS??

I have a few tips to make travel less stressful (and maybe more relaxing):

  1. 2 words…Travel Agent!  No Really!! This NO CHARGE service is the real deal.  Schedule a meeting with someone who has industry contacts and knowledge who can “cater” your trip to you desire or needs. Beach, Disney, Mountains, Family trip?? They do all the research, make reservations and give everything to you in a neat package with all the details at not 1 cent more than if you spent all that time, hassle, aggravation yourself and the cost (in my experience so far) has been cheaper.
  2. Plan to pack – depending on your trip and destination you probably need LESS than you think! Generally just 2 pair pants, 1 shirt or top for each day and undergarments.  REALLY!  I am a fan of packing cubes (check out this article to make packing easier: to take just a carry on and skip the baggage carousel.
  3. Plan down time and be flexible.  Sure a ski trip for 5 days in Colorado packed with skiing at 4 places SOUNDS fun, but once you realize the travel between, the cost and the stress…maybe just 3 slopes with a day off to explore in the Springs, Boulder or another location, so everyone can unwind, regroup and enjoy the next slope or destination.
  4. A little prep before you leave home…I suggest the following:
    1. Put on clean sheets on all the beds and clean the house (if you can afford even a once a year service, NOW IS THE TIME for a deep clean, while you’re away) to come home to.  You’ll have enough to do just with laundry catch up.
    2. Schedule a day (better 2) to get back into the routine before returning to school and/or work routine.
    3. If you’re boarding your beloved pets, pick them up Monday, when everyone is back in their routine. This seems to be less stress on the pets, the kids and probably you too!