How to Do Less (really)

I almost didn’t include this section, as to me it seems obvious: you just … do less.

But I realize it’s not obvious to everyone, so I’ll share a few tips (many are familiar to long-time readers):
. Slowly cut back on non-essential commitments. . Have fewer meetings. . Say no to requests, as much as possible, so you can focus on doing something great. . Cut out distractions, especially the Internet. . Single-task and focus. . Churn out a shitty first draft, then edit. . Edit some more. Make itbeautiftrl and minimal. . Make it something you will be proud to claim credit for. . When you find yourself doing busy-work, stop, put it off, find ways to cut that out of your life. . Whatever blocks you from doing your great work, kill it. . Set limits on how many things you do each day. . Focus on the most important tasks first, before you get distracted. . Set limits on your work hours.