Property Abandonment Issues

As a property owner, are you dealing with challenges left behind or trying to prepare for new tenants? Regardless of the space, condition or situation left to you. We can help with organizing, packing, and storage while you resolve your legal position, so that you can get your space occupied.

A living room cluttered with dirty dishes, grocery bags, back packs, exercise equipment, and clothing.
Financial Organization by a professional organizer

Financial Organization

Curtis E Organizing helps with systems and solutions designed to keep ahead of your needs and be ready for your tax preparer. We work with you to see what applications and systems can be used to best meet your business or personal needs and help you to keep your financials organized.

Office and Business Organization

Curtis E Organizing helps to build systems around your business so that paperwork does not overwhelm you. We explore document storage, digital storage apps, and workspace solutions for your specific needs. Along with relocation, sale and building clean outs.

Office and Business Professionally Organized Services
Project Managementy by a professional organizer

Project Management

If there is one thing that you can do to make a difference in your life it is to manage your time in a way that enables you to have more happiness. Having a good scheduling tool/system reduces stress, feelings of anxiety, and opportunities for conflict.

Home Organization

Everyone has a closet.

Not everyone’s closet is the closet they want it to be.

Together we can take the stress out of your morning routine and the find the joy in dressing to make the best of your day, quicker, happier, and out the door.

Professionally organized closets by CEO
Professionally organized Attic/Basement/Storage Units/Garage

Attic/Basement/Storage Units/Garage

Out of sight, out of mind.

Attics/basement/Garage and Storage Units are great places for storing those items you rarely need.

Multiply that, and after a few years (or decades), you have collection vast and deep that easily becomes overwhelming!

At Curtis E Organizing, we help you to get these areas back under your control, and it is not as overwhelming as you might think! We can help you take an inventory of what you have, determine a great plan to get it organized, and put that plan into action.

Kitchen & Pantry

Every kitchen is unique. Each has its strengths and challenges in layout, counter space, or cabinet storage and larger is not necessarily better!

Larger kitchens and pantries can often lead to an over accumulation of food, tools, or clutter.

Curtis E Organizing specializes in helping you develop your space, so you always have everything you need at hand and know at a glance exactly what needs to be bought the next time you go to the market.

Professional Organized Kitchen and Pantry
Professional Organizing for Home Sale Preparation

Home Sale Preparation

Curtis E Organizing can help ease the burden off while you are busy packing for the next move in your or your loved one’s life. Our expertise relieves much of the transitional pressures often experienced throughout the task of consolidating and sorting precious possessions prior to moving into the next stage of life.

Home Service & Repair Preparation/Assistance

Curtis E Organizing always loves meeting potential partner service providers.

Together, we can help you work with homeowners to provide clear access for your services to be complete. Less hassle, less stress, less work, and a more efficient use of your time.

Contact us and let us help you do your job with less hassle, less stress, and less work!

Home Service & Repair Preparation/Assistance
Senior or Health Related Transition Assistance

Senior or Health Related Transition Assistance

Curtis E Organizing is experienced in assessing and organizing transitional plans for people who may be moving into or out of care facilities. Our expertise helps secure each environment according to specific needs of the individual and their situation, as well as organizing their belongings for transport. We strive to leave each interaction with all parties at ease and delighted with their new home.

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