Twenty 5-Minute Tasks

Once you have streamlined and moved most of your household tasks to large chunks of time in your calendar, you can now start to use 5-minute snippets of time to knock off some of the repetitive routine tasks on your list. This opens up more valuable chunks of time to get done bigger – and more valuable – projects.
I know it sounds kind of counter-intuitive, but if you are always doing little tasks here and there, you never feel done. If you have a 4-hour time block set aside to do those tasks and can knock 30 minutes off during the week through six 5-minute chunks, you feel accomplished and organized!

Here are twenty tasks I do in 5-minute pockets of time to get you started thinking about what your twenty tasks will be:
Start a load of laundryEmpty the dishwasherFold a load of laundryClean off the kitchen counterDo the dishesClean out a shelf in the pantryEmpty all the trash cansPick up toys in the family roomCollect all the towels and start the laundryVacuum a roomDelete email and voicemail from your phoneChange your furnace filterTake items up or downstairsGo through your mail and open it allWrite a thank you noteBook a doctor appointmentRefill soap dispensersClean out 1 drawerShred paperPut 10 things away
Use those minutes you spend talking on the phone or waiting for people knocking off your repetitive tasks!