10 Quick and Cheap Car Cleaning Tips

Ah, Schools out and you’ll all be spending more time in the family vehicle: Baseball games, Road Trips and all sorts of adventures.
I have a list of 10 (ish) tips/tricks I thought you might enjoy, please feel free to share. Most items can be picked up at a dollar store or very inexpensively.

For a clean smell, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on to a wood clothes pin, clip to a/c vent.
Wipe down your wipers with generous amounts of rubbing alcohol and let dry.
Clean dried bugs off with a wet dryer sheet. (Note: this works great on baseboards around the house too…get cheap, unscented ones)
Use an old toothbrush (soft) for hard to reach areas, around knobs, at seat seams and around gear shift to get out ground in gunk/grime and then vacuum.
Use small foam paint “brush” to clean vents, small spaces, when dry, dust sticks to the foam.
Regular white toothpaste with “shine up” your head lamps (clear)…rub on, let dry and just rinse off.
For shiny car wheels/rims, put powder (Bon Ami/Bar Keepers Friend) on a cloth, spray a little Lysol-type cleaner and scrub until shiny, rinse and dry completely.
For a great shine on your paint, use hair conditioner. One with lanolin, just pour directly on a towel and rub in circular motion until the car shines like new.
Magic Erasers for crevices, dash and upholstery, just wet and scrub away.
Club soda for stains on fabric, apply and dab clean with white towel until lifted.
Plain old petroleum jelly for interior protector, better than Armour-all and A LOT CHEAPER!