5 ways to have a fantastic week

1. This is my most radical suggestion: schedule a 24-hour period where you don’t do any work related activities. If you can, take off the whole weekend. You’ll find that this will make you even more productive.

2. When working on a project, do the most difficult or unpleasant task first. Things rarely take as long as one thinks they will. The energy from doing the most difficult task will energize you for the rest of the day.
3. Look at your calendar at the beginning of each week and make sure your week is divided up with the activities aimed at the outcomes you defined at the beginning of the month.

4. Recurring items that you do every week, such as exercise, meditation, etc. should already be blocked off on your calendar.
5. Focus on achieving 2-3 key outcomes each day. Follow those 5 suggestions and soon just about everything you do will be focused on the goals you defined.