The 5 Essential Rules for Keeping Life Simple

There are many things you can do to simplify your life. The journey looks different for everyone but elements may include paying off debt, getting rid of clutter, choosing a more fulfilling, less stressful career, creating a morning routine and other things. There is no one right way to simplify your life.
That said, there are a few essential rules you can use for keeping life simple. These aren’t the tiny steps but more big picture rules. In my experience, they aren’t easy. They don’t come naturally and they require consistent practice and attention. I break these rules all the time but the more I practice the more quickly I can recognize when I’ve gone off the rails and come back.

The 5 Essential Rules for Keeping Life Simple:
#1 Let Go
When you let go, notice the benefits. See what’s on the other side. I discovered benefits like more free time, less overspending, more comfort with uncertainty, less guilt, more freedom and ease. Letting go helped me remember what mattered to me. Letting go helped me remember me. If you think letting go is hard, consider that holding on is harder. You have to hold on every day. You only have to let go once. If you want to be light, you have to let go.
#2 Be as well as you can be
I didn’t simplify my life for clean countertops or to be better organized. I simplified my life because I got sick. Really sick. I was sick, tired, and overwhelmed for a long time, but when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I knew things had to change. If we want to improve our health and live with more energy and wellness, we have to be willing to live with less stress. Here’s the road to less stress: Less stuff. Less busyness. Less drama. Less debt. Less worry. Less fear. It takes time, but go down this road. Do whatever it takes to feel well … to be well.
#3 Respect your boundaries
When we create boundaries around things that are distracting us from what really matters, our level of engagement in the things we actually care about becomes boundless. Boundaries are a good thing but once you create them you have to honor them. If you don’t respect and honor the boundaries you set for yourself, no one else will either.
#4 Don’t Compare
Simplicity looks different for everyone. It’s taken me 10 years and I’m still on the path. Others take 2 years or 5 years. Some paint a pretty picture, others display their messes. Don’t compare your beginning to some else’s middle. Don’t bother to compare at all. Comparing and competing will compromise your confidence and motivation. This is your journey, your family, and your life. There isn’t one best way to do it. Do what’s best for you.
Rule #5 Have a Life
We don’t remove clutter, reduce stress, and reject busyness to have a simple life. We do it to have a life. Don’t wait until your debt is paid off, or every room in your home is decluttered to start living. Simplifying invites you to be intentional about how you invest your time and energy, and how you want to fill your heart.
Start now.