More on Url…How it Happened!

In last weeks blog, I posted how & why out cat, Url, was an example of why someone might need an emergency fund.

Url is fine!  I’ve included a recent photo at the end of the post.

Just about 2 years ago, I woke to see Url’s little body in the middle of the highway that we live on.  I was devastated and my husband was sure that he was going to pick up his dead body….even having to wait for 3 cars to drive over his still body (they did NOT run him over).

When the road was clear he looked down at the poor kitten and said “Aww, Url”…with that Url started screaming, he was ALIVE!  We were so surprised,  We do not know how long he had been in the road or how he survived.

We rushed him to our vet about 10 miles away…on the ride over, he sighed so heavy I thought he died in my arms… but he had just realized he was being held and relaxed a bit.

Url was hypothermic, his 3rd eyelid had closed over, he was in shock and he had a BADLY broken leg.  He was in the veterinarian version of ICU from that Wednesday morning until Saturday afternoon.

After that we had to take him in weekly for exam, cast changes (that’s another post) and medicine, as he developed an infection along the way.

So, why am I updating you, because we all LOVE our own pets, but they can be expensive and worrying about how you are going to pay for your pets care and care for your pet as they recover can be very stressful.  I know I was able to best concentrate on Url’s recovery and not his vet bill.

Check back next month for more “TAILS OF URL”

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