Tails of Url

So, in a previous post, we talked about Url and his expensive accident.  He’s had a few other medical issues over the past two years, including a blood born issue that could have ended his short life, a bite from a very aggressive 13 striped ground squirrel, an eye abrasion and the loss of a bit of his tail (which did grow back).

NOW…back to the reason for today’s post. When Url had his broken leg, he went through a cast every week…well, most weeks. One particular week the process had complications!

I had to go out of state and Url had a bladder infection during his cast weeks and we did not want to leave him in care of a friend or have to keep him at the vet, so my wonderful husband stayed home with Url and I boarded the first of a flight (of 2) and started my trip.

The trip was longer and complicated by the fact that my connecting flight was cancelled, so finally arriving at my destination well after midnight and headed to my hotel.

Finally checking in just before 1 am….I was startled awake at 5 am by a call, when I answered, there was only (and I’m not exaggerating) “Where’s his cast, where’s his cast”….My reaction was “Who is this?”.

Slowly waking, realized that before I left (now in a different time zone), Url was going in for his weekly cast change and to see how his infection was doing….so as the lady on the other end is rambling on about the cat and being “dropped off” with no cast, simply answered ” I don’t know, didn’t you put one on yesterday? It’s 5 am and I didn’t drop him (there)”!!

Once realizing what was going on, she took my husbands phone # and hung up.

Now wide awake, texted the following to my husband…”so, what’s up with Url”?

He was just mortified!  He called me and told he had the cast in the car. He had dropped off Url in his crate when he arrived (as soon as they opened) and was told by the intake person it would be a bit…so he went up the road for a cup of coffee. The “cast” was never mentioned, so he didn’t think to bring it in at the time.

So how does a cat come to be without a cast…No idea, we know this much: when Url hobbled behind my husband for “shower time” he had his cast on, once out of the shower, Url was on the bath mat grooming his leg…you can imagine the confusion as as my husband wondered how did he get out of his cast and where is it (just outside the bathroom door).

We have no idea how he go out and our vet had never had that happen, figures it would be Url.

Url didn’t seem to mind one bit, he rather seemed to be happy to be free of the cast to groom what I can imagine was an itchy leg, if only temporarily.

We love Url and have learned to expect the unexpected with him.  He has not been a cheap cat, but he brings us so much joy (and so many “treats” and “gifts” in appreciation) and is a favorite with the grandsons.

This photo is Url with the boys.


Watch for the next installment – Url of LaMoille!! Coming this Summer.

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